Aviation Jobs in South Africa

Find Various Aviation Jobs Available in South Africa – Apply Today! 

Working within the aviation industry is interesting and can also be fun. Those who are seeking employment in aviation will need to have some experience and in most cases, the relevant qualifications too. The industry demands individuals who are versatile, confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and if you have what it takes to join one of the businesses operating within the industry, then we would love to welcome you. 

While many might think that aviation jobs in South Africa abound, it can be quite tricky to find the right candidate for the job. With such a specialised industry it is important to find those who have a passion for it and of course the qualifications and experience as well. At Aviation Link Recruitment Solutions, we firmly believe in connecting talent to opportunity and this means that each and every position will be presented clearly to the market and we will do our utmost best to recruit individuals who are well suited to that position. 

Our website is designed to make the process absolutely simple for job seekers within the aviation industry. Being the only service provider in South Africa to offer this particular service to aviation professionals, we have done whatever we can to ensure that the process is hassle free and effective. All candidates looking for aviation jobs are requested to join our growing online database. 

You will need to create a profile for yourself and upload your CV. This makes it simple to apply for positions as we list them. If you don’t have a CV to upload or if your CV needs some attention, our website hosts a variety of templates for you to make use of. When your profile is complete you can start looking through the various jobs that we have listed. All registered members will be alerted of new positions as they are posted to our website. This can make the time consuming task of job hunting a great deal simpler as we will do the hunting for you and ensure that you are always on the forefront of what is happening in terms of careers in the industry. 

Of course there are many jobs that are crucial in this particular industry. The jobs within the aviation industry that we are often recruiting for include:


  • Fixed wing and helicopter pilots.
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers.
  • Ground staff and cabin crew.
  • Flight engineers.
  • Helicopter hoist operators.
  • Maintenance planners and administrators.
  • Air doctors and medical professionals.
  • Operations controllers.
  • Safety officers.
  • Sales consultants, assistants, receptionists and administrators.
  • Aeronautical engineers and designers. 

When we advertise positions on our website we ensure that we state whether they are temporary, permanent or contract positions, for the convenience of our applicants. 

We make it our aim to ensure that only suitable candidates are forwarded for positions and this can save a great deal of time and effort for both aviation businesses and potential candidates. We strongly encourage all members of our service to read through our website terms of use and our privacy policy before registering and making use of our services. 

One of the greatest perks of using Aviation Link Recruitment Solutions for your job hunting is that our service is absolutely free. We will ensure that you are presented with access to the best jobs in the industry and you won’t have to stress about service fees and costs along the way. 

During your hunt for the perfect aviation job you might want to learn more about the industry, its history and what makes it so unique and you can do this by reading our regular blog posts. We also encourage you to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Keeping connected with those in the industry is the best way to ensure that you are the first to know about the latest news and job listings along the way. 

At Aviation Link Recruitment Solutions, we welcome you to join our database of professionals and also encourage you to complete your online profile so that you can get to work with job hunting straight away. We are available at all times to discuss the system and our needs and hope that we will be able to play an integral part in helping you to find aviation jobs in South Africa that are perfectly suited to your needs, requirements and qualifications.