Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Helicopter Pilot Jobs Available in South Africa – Apply Online 

If you are interested in following a career in aviation as a helicopter pilot, you will need to obtain your commercial pilot’s license. After you have completed your training, you will be able to apply for jobs within the field. Of course, it is always advised to gather some experience before plunging into a career in this particular industry. If you are already licensed, experienced and seeking out a new position, you are at just the right place. At Aviation Link, we are passionate about the aviation industry and we have a variety of helicopter pilot jobs available for you to choose from. Of course, each position has its strict requirements and we ask that when making use of our recruitment services that you read the advertised positions carefully before applying.

Our services to the aviation industry are provided on a professional basis. We assist successful aviation firms in South Africa to find and assess potential candidates for various positions within the industry. It is important that individuals that are put forward for positions are qualified and knowledgeable on the position that they are applying for. For this reason, we go through the trouble of making sure that candidate’s skills and experience are matched to available positions with efficiency and accuracy. 

How do you go about applying for pilot jobs with us? The process is quite simple. All you need to do is register as a member of our service on our website. This is absolutely free – you will not be charged for our recruitment services. We make some great features available to our members. For starters, you can upload your CV to our system, so that it can be easily viewed. Alternatively, you can make use of our Professional CV Creator feature, which allows you to develop a CV that covers all of your areas of expertise and allows you to apply for available positions with confidence. 

You will find that we advertise available positions on our website for the convenience of professionals in the field. These positions detail the title of the job, where it is based and what type of position (contract, permanent, temporary and so on). If you see a position that you are qualified for, we welcome you to apply for it. Also, if you feel that you require further information on any of the positions or our services, we encourage you to make contact with us at any time. 

While it can be tricky to find helicopter jobs in absolutely every area, we do have a pick of some of the best positions available in the country. With our assistance, you can find not just any helicopter pilot job, but one that offers a quality package with a reputable and successful aviation company. 

At Aviation Link, we understand just how stressful it can be to try and find a suitable position in the field. We encourage all of our members to prepare their CVs professionally and to ensure that they always have their ear to the ground, when it comes to opportunities that crop up in the aviation industry. Being patient while looking for the ideal job is absolutely essential – the job for you is out there. We provide advice, guidance and a professional approach at all times, and we are available via email and telephone to discuss requirements and positions. 

We are connected to reputable players in the aviation industry and like to take the time to be thorough in our recruitment services. Skills, talent and experienced are matched to position requirements, and when you apply for a position, we will keep you updated on the status thereof. We strive to offer exceptional recruitment solutions to our customers at all times, and with our dedication and a passion for customer service excellence, we believe that we will find precisely what you are looking for. 

When hunting the South African market for viable helicopter pilot jobs, consider taking a look at what we have to offer at Aviation Link. Our convenient site, useful member features and access to top positions in the industry makes us a first port of call for many professionals seeking out aviation positions. Contact us via email or telephone for further information and advice today.