Aviation Jobs in South Africa

Looking for Top Aviation Jobs in South Africa? Look No Further! 

The aviation industry has come a long way over the years and it is said that twice as many employees are hired on a monthly and annual basis as were some 35 years ago. This, of course, means that various aviation jobs in South Africa are advertised on a regular and ongoing basis. While the industry booms, and travel for both business and leisure is in high demand, the requirement for skilled, trained and valuable teams of staff members is evident. 

Today, the airline industry is a global operation that sees flights operating routinely over local routes and even across oceans to foreign destinations. There are many companies involved in making this process possible and if you take a moment to think of the personnel required to run your local airport, you will have a better idea of just how much goes into making a single flight not only possible, but also safe. 

Keep in mind that each company operating at your local airport will offer positions in each of the destinations that they fly to, so there is often a great deal of competition involved when it comes to applicants. While entry level positions, such as ticket sales staff and ground staff will not require rigorous training, more complex positions, such as pilots, cabin crew members, air traffic controllers and aircraft safety inspectors / officers, will require formal training and qualifications. It is imperative to have experience in the field, if you want to excel in these particular positions. 

While each and every aviation company will differ in what they have to offer employees, you can typically expect to benefit in terms of personal and family travel discounts, medical aid and dental insurance, sick pay, paid leave, retirement annuities and so on. Other benefits include the opportunity to travel and meet new people, the choice of full- or part-time employment, a flexible work schedule and set days off. For those who are looking for a new opportunity to explore, expand on their personal experiences and earn a decent income – the world of aviation awaits you! 

When hunting for aviation jobs in South Africa, it is best to take your experience and training into consideration. Understand that while some positions offer in-house training, others will require you to already have the expertise and you should therefore only apply for positions that you know that you are a suitable candidate for. 

How do you go about applying for such positions? At Aviation Link, we connect aviation industry professionals with available positions. We have contacts that are serious about hiring suitable individuals and we ensure that the available positions are well-advertised, and that candidates have easy access to the required information, in order to apply. Our online recruitment service is designed to make the application process simple for you. We urge all of those interested in finding jobs within the aviation industry to register for a user account on our website and to upload their CV. This makes it a great deal easier to apply for positions swiftly, without having to fill out lengthy application forms for each position of interest. Each advertisement contains as much detail about the position as possible, which also makes it easier to a create short list of the positions that interest you. 

Of course, we also assist aviation companies and service providers. If you are looking to advertise a position within the industry, we welcome you to contact us to discuss the matter, and to ensure that all of the details pertaining to the position are correctly recorded and advertised. All parties are sure to find our service consultants to be friendly, knowledgeable and professional at all times. Working closely with us to secure your career or to find the perfect employee for the job will certainly be a pleasant experience characterised by efficiency and a thorough approach. 

When looking for top aviation jobs in South Africa, we encourage you to take the time to get in touch with us, at Aviation Link. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements, and waste no time in registering for a user account on our website. Being connected to industry professionals has never been easier.