Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs – What to Expect and What You Need to Know

In order to apply for aircraft maintenance engineer jobs, you must be qualified in the field. Whether you are browsing for positions now, or for the future, we at Aviation Link are happy to assist. The field of avionics engineering or mechanical engineering in the aviation industry is complicated. Aircraft maintenance engineers are tasked with carrying out inspections, services, repairs and overhauls on civil aircrafts. Mechanical engineers will focus their skills on engines and airframes, while avionic engineers focus their attention on electronic equipment, radar and radio navigation, communication systems, instruments and automatic flight control systems.

All aircraft must undergo thorough inspections after and before every flight. It is the aircraft maintenance engineer that carries out these checks and deems the aircraft fit or unfit for flight. Meters and testing equipment are used to perform inspections. Any problems or issues / concerns reported by the cabin crew will also be checked and followed up on.

Every aircraft requires a maintenance overhaul after it has flown a certain amount of hours. This is also tasked to the engineer who carries out what is called “line maintenance”. These are a series of quick checks and inspections. If any serious modifications and thorough checks are required, the process is called “base maintenance”. Licensed engineers must complete inspections and ensure that other engineers’ work is certified.

How to Find a Job as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The biggest employers in the industry are companies that specialise in the maintenance of aircraft. You could apply for positions with large airlines or even with smaller aviation concerns, such as air taxis, police, rescue services, pilot training, surveying and so on.

Smaller aviation companies will generally require already qualified engineers to join their teams. Large airlines and similar will very often offer training to suitably skilled candidates. It goes without saying that licensed engineers are in high demand, as they can start immediately and will already have the required confidence and know-how. As a licensed engineer, you can expect to be able to work your way up to a supervisory position in most instances.

At Aviation Link, we provide trained aircraft maintenance engineers with the opportunity to find lucrative positions in the industry, with reliable and sought-after aviation companies. You can browse through various positions available and apply by registering as a member of our data base. Our website offers you the option to upload your existing CV or to create your own online CV with our available templates. This will help you to have a professional approach when making an application to any advertised positions. Each candidate is carefully screened, so include as much information on your experience and training as possible when applying for any jobs advertised by us, at Aviation Link.

What to Expect When Working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

When looking for a job in this line of work, you can expect to work a 35 – 40 hour week and sometimes even more hours, depending on inspection deadlines. While flying hours of aircraft can vary, engineers will be required to work shifts, sometimes over the weekend too.  While most of the required work and inspections are carried out within a hangar, there are some checks which must be completed outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Those in this position must be comfortable working in small spaces, where a great deal of kneeling and bending is required.

Those who wish to work as such an engineer should have mechanical skills, as well as the ability to understand and translate technical drawings. Diagnosis of faults can only be achieved through a methodical and logical approach. Accuracy should be of the utmost importance to candidates and physical fitness, agility, and normal colour vision are musts. Of course, knowledge of all of the hazards and precautions is also important.

If you are in the market for a new job in the aviation industry, take the time to get in touch with us, at Aviation Link. We will ensure that you are provided with access to the best positions in the industry and that you are the first to know about any exciting new aircraft maintenance engineer jobs that become available. Contact us or upload your CV to start the recruitment process today.