SAPS Air Wing FAQ's

Aviation Link Pty Ltd. is not connected to the South African Police Service Air Wing in any way.

Do the SAPS Air Wing train their own pilots?

According to the SAPS website you have to have a valid Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) to apply for a position as a pilot in the SAPS Air Wing but they have recruited young Private Pilots (PPL) in the past and trained them to CPL level. There are currently no such programmes running. 

Where can I find contact details for the SAPS Air Wing?

The SAPS Air Wing is not willing to share their contact details on the internet. If you want to contact them we suggest that you contact a police station for assistance or go directly to your nearest SAPS Air Wing station. They have stations at airports all over the country.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.