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Base Manager

We are currently looking for suitable candidates for a Base Manager role in Iraq. A good understanding of aviation operations and previous experience in a similar role is crucial.


  • Safe and efficient organisation and operation of the Base and the operational conduct and efficiency of all its staff
  • Monitor the rostering of the aircraft and crews under the supervision of his Operations Control Staff and closely monitor all aspects of operational safety, and the scheduled aircraft maintenance in conjunction with the Base Engineer as per MOP AMO of the contracted AMO
  • In respect of Aircrew, he/she will check at least by a 3 monthly diarised system and by a personal document inspection the validity and currency of each aircrew member’s license
  • Ensure that hired and/or freelance pilot licenses are inspected when such personnel are involved in flying for the company
  • Ensure that aircrew workloads do not exceed the laid down limits or jeopardize safe operations
  • Ensure that all Operation instructions are carried out, that manuals are amended or updated, that minor airfield specification cards are prepared and updated, that aircrew and other staff records are maintained
  • Ensure close company/client relations and attend to any operational aspect which may require improvement both as regards to safety and operational viability, bringing such aspects to the notice of the Quality Assurance and Safety Manager and/or an Operations Committee member as required
  • Maintaining close relationships with aircrew staff as regards to determination of Safe routes, safety heights, fixed reporting points, air/ground radio communications, search and rescue procedures, etc.
  • Each Base will be issued with a copy of the Flight Operations Manual Part A to D which will be kept updated by the Base Manager, ensuring that all applicable staff are aware of its contents and that it is instantly available to them at all times
  • Ensure that all company controlled aircraft shall be operated in the manner prescribed in this Manual and such other approved regulations issued by the competent authority
  • The sections concerned for the compliance of the operational requirement outlined in this Manual will be kept as a copy with each crew as issued in the company’s Crew Guide
  • Each Base Manager will ensures that all RED TAGS send to the Base through the company Document Controller or any other authorised person to issue operational notes are issued to the crew and that these RED
    TAGS are read and signed and that the Base Manager will return on his daily, weekly and monthly checklist the confirmation to the company’s Main Offices, that all the RED TAG’s have been read and signed
  • Ensure that the aircraft tasked by the client are not operated outside the performance limitations and flight and duty restrictions

Operational Control Functions

  • The Base Manager is the qualified person and designated by the company’s Responsible Person Flight Operations to exercise the functions and responsibilities for operational control of each flight in commercial air transport of the company’s aircraft
  • For passenger-carrying flights, he/she is the flight operations officer on-duty at the operations base to perform the operational control functions
  • For all other flights, he/she is exercising operational control responsibilities through consultation for the crew prior to, during and immediately following the flight operation
  • For all flights, the PIC shares the responsibility for operational control of the aircraft and has the situational authority to make decisions regarding operational control issues in-flight
  • Where a decision of the PIC differs from that recommended, the base manager making the recommendation shall make a record of the associated facts

Functions and Duties Associated with Operational Control

  • The Base Manager is exercising responsibility for operational control for an aircraft operating for and/or on behalf of the company and shall:
    • Authorise the specific flight operation;
    • Ensure in conjunction with the base engineer that an airworthy aircraft properly equipped for the flight is available;
    • Ensure that qualified personnel and adequate facilities are available to support and conduct the flight;
    • Ensure that proper flight planning and preparations are made;
    • Ensure that flight locating and flight following procedures are followed; and
    • Ensure the monitoring of the progress of the flight and the provision of information that may be necessary to safety
  • The Base Manager is performing the duties of a flight operations officer

    • Assists the PIC in flight preparation and provide the relevant information required;
    • Assist the PIC in preparing the operational and ATC flight plans;
    • Furnish the PIC while in flight, by appropriate means, with information which may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight;
    • In the event of an emergency, the Base Manager initiates the applicable procedures contained in the company area specific Emergency Response Plan;
  • The Base Manager must avoid taking any action that would conflict with the procedures established by:
    • Air traffic control;
    • The meteorological service;
    • The communications service;
    • The owner and/or operator of the aircraft; or
    • The Client

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12 / Matric
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of aviation operations and regulations
  • Previous experience as a Base Manager / Operations Manager in an aviation environment is essential
  • Pilot licence is advantageous
  • Safety and/or Quality certificate advantageous



Apply online or send your CV to nico@aviationlink.co.za.

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